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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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population demand we make greater dpand in our infrastructure for the future. we made n some modest improvements and we paved a record 4 blocks in our street conditions and our streets are slowing improving. you like those roads (clapping) and under the leadership of edward reiskin and tom nolan we added buses with the goal of replacing the entire fleet in 5 years. and along with other friends we've launched bay area bike share demonstrating the strong support to expand the other city's transportation. when it comes to having the
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transportation that the resident deserve we have a ways to go. and so in 2013 we with the leadership of president chiu and that supervisor weiner we convened e vend all the transportation experts and advocates chaired by gay and our deputy city controller (clapping) their recommendations include investing in the muni and our streets with their rehabbed fleet and upgraded bike lanes. my friends it's not a small price tag $10. billion plus. in the waterfront and the other
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part of town we've been given a road map and fund our san francisco environment commission system in a responsible and 0 sustainable way we have to tackle our long-term transportation changes so in november working with the board of supervisors i'll support the transportation 2014 recommendation. bring to the voter a 5 hundred million general going transportation bond and a measure to increase the local vehicle fee. now i recognize that asking voters to pay more for their vehicle fee maybe an uphill battle since the cotton is so high but the cost of ignoring munis problems and falling further behind and a jamming more people into an overcrowded
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streetcar situation. while we're at it if we're going to take into consideration comprehensive approaches to funding muni let's tear off the band aid that made our resident lived a little bit more frustratingly i'm talking about the meters. folks it generated several million dollars last year almost half of it from parking ticketed no one likes it not me so with the more is substantial approach to funding our transportation system we can give our meters and parking control offers a rest on sunday (clapping) and so today, i call upon our mta board of supervisors to
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suspend meters this sunday beginning this fiscal year. i'm grateful it tom nolan has given his support let's stop nickel and diming people at the meter. (clapping.) and there's one more thing we can do for our working family who rely on muni. last year the mta at the you're going the supervisor campos and many in the community we the results are in and our kids need it, it's time to make it permanent so i call upon mta to make it possible. and again with the comprehensive funding strategy we won't be
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robbing our maintenance dollars to pay for it. it's to make the city a little bit more ooshlg. 2350shg9 is also about having a city government that the taxpayers can afford. the past 3 years under the assessor carmen chu and now supervisor farrell we have a 5 year adapted plan and made dramatic progress in eliminating our structural deficits. thanks to the wisdom of our voters to confront unfunded pension and retiree health liability. better times will return but we must not be attempted to stray from the path of discipline as we craft our new budget we must
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invest in services and staffing we can afford over the long-term. and one of the responsibilities is insuring public safety. in 2014 san francisco is one of the safety 0 cities and thanks cohesive still the assistant district attorney thank you for your teamwork (clapping) two years ago alongside supervisor cowen our police department and the partners in the community we launched the ipo strategic interrupt, precinct and ores and we've seen remarkable results. holdings are down 30 percent among lowest in 35 years.
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(clapping.) but we can do better. we can do better with new police and a fire academy we'll higher and train for first responder from 9-1-1 operator to firefighters and a police officers you'll see them on hate street to the tenderloin and a central market and thank you to our men and women for agreeing to a multiple year contract that allows us to move forward with those ambitious hiring plans. let me say a few words about our industry streets that's itself safety of our pedestrians and bicyclists. you know, this week i announced a are you in custody estrange of
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better training for commercial drivers and those who drive the most be nice and a look twice and improvements like south van ness we need physical improvements. it's another reason the transportation measures s are so important so we can spend our bike lanes and build outs. i support the goals of vision zero to eliminate traffic deaths in our city (clapping) but to get there we'll need nor common sense as well. for everyone be more aware of our surround and drivers slow down and a don't every text and drive at the same time. san francisco is one of the most pedestrian and bicyclist
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friendly in america let's make it the safety area in america for those activities as well (clapping) and there's another daily threat earthquake. we don't know when it will strike and it's up to us to make sure we've done all we, to prepare so in june i'll ask you to support a $400 million general obligation bond. part of our capital bond will fund critical seismic improvements to our fire and police department and i our emergency water system and other core assets our first responders will rely on all without raising property taxes. it follows the seismic improvements at the house/senate
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the water system our general hospital and key roads and brimgdz to make san francisco a servicely preponderance of the evidence city in california (clapping) and folks, you know, on the january day like this you look around and kind of see the bone-dry winter it reminds us the climate change is real we're in a drought in california. it's more important than ever to continue our global leadership we'll insure that that but making sure our green building laws we've significantly reduced our green house gas emissions. i'm proud san francisco san
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francisco was ranked among the top efficient city's. and our waste diversion system leads the nation we're the leaders in the electronic charging station and we're helping homeowners and businesses more energy efficient through the go solar sf and pass programs and through rec and park department thank you general managers for your effort for the future drought. thank you for your leadership (clapping) ladies and gentlemen, there's not public safety and human champ in our streets. and that's too. people without
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a home. while we have the strongest safety net in the in addition, we have many too many people unthinkable to make choices to save their own lives because of mental onions. under the leadership of naumd leveling hundred thousand people move forward off our streets thanks to the affordable housing we built where we continue to provide services. we've changed be 11 thousand lives for the better including lives like todd who's here with his daughter. last year, he lost his job and become homeless but now he's received taller assistance
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through the first air force program. todd is housed thanks to program that prevents at risk families from being homeless under the leadership of trent roar (clapping) but we need to do more and the proof is what we see on the streets everyday. too. people dealing with serious issues like schizophrenia and self medicaid with alcohol. we won't turn our backs on them but we have to help those who are clearly suffering. for those folks no matter how many times we offer stifrz they decline. it's not a lack of services we spend $2 million plus.
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our department of health started a receptor program i call it san francisco's of laurdz law and the result are in its working. through this program we're reducing hospital stays and a jail time and helping with the treatment and saving lives. health experts estimate there are hundreds of people who could benefit from a stronger skoefrtship program in sews bylaw abuse so in 2014 we must expand and make permanent it conserve activeship program. i'll ask us to adapt a community-based program and
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second i'll work with the supreme courts to care and caution educating educating educate our judges about the positive program and third and most importantly i'll unthinkable with other mayors on a statewide coalition to boast our ability to implement a conserve active program that works. folks this will not come without introvert but i refuse to let people die on our streets any longer because we refuse to compel them to help themselves (clapping) and i'm grateful aim gravity that public health director and a ingress number of stewart's and homeless advocates have adapted this approach thank you.
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this is the city of sftv and we have to help those who are homeless because they don't have the capacity to make decisions that save their own lives (clapping) but housing in san francisco in 2014 is not only a concern of those on the streets and that's why we're here today. this place the shipyard which we see today is reborn for a foundry for ships for a new community. mayor brown we're honoring the commitment you made to this community and so to the southeast sector and thank you senator feinstein and nancy pelosi for your unwaiver support
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for your leadership in winning $850 million for a thorough clear up he a smooth transition from the navy to our city. around us under construction are hundreds and soon thousands of new homes some of them 2 and 3 berm homes. more than 25 percent will be affordable and the rest will be priced according to the market many full in reach of our middle class families. yes housing. i know some of you have been looking around here is a well, maybe this is where we ought to be. with those views of the downtown
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skyline and ready to be moved into this summer and on a clear day you can see the junior bay bridge from our front porch and while the 49ers will never play in candle stick thousands of children will be playing there and we'll replace the stadium with housing beginning next year. the shortage of the middle income people is a problem we've let foster it's a crisis it's a crisis that sparks fear worried that speculators worried to make a quick buck will soon threaten them with eviction.
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it pushes young families out of town once you have a kid only so long an a a single apartment is going to work. as companies move everywhere because their employees can't afford to live here. there's no easy decisions so in frustration some people turn to ease targets instead a commuter shuttle bus or a company's ipo or even toast. well, my fellow san franciscans we need this. let's be clear we are all responsible this is a crisis of our own macro. for too long in san francisco we tried to have it both ways more
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money for affordable housing but fwooven the projects that generate those fund build more homes for in case o middlesex families and slow them adopt and a limit where they can live and we were surprised when it's only available for the weight. some of us who decry our housing krois crisis were the same people who slowed the pass of clean up. you know, i know something about those issues it's where i got started in mrikdz 30 years ago as an advocate for our cities folks. reverend norman fong and jeff
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and so many others remember we stood together to stop the wrongful eviction from immigrant. and one summer night a army of police officers marched the international hotel and in defines 3 thousands of us surrounded the knowledge and we only slotted the evictions by it's a turning point for the movement in this city. our resistance that night helped to pave the passage of rent control by the board of supervisors too years later and the light maybe better my passion for housing making sure
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san francisco is a place where people of every background can call this home burns hot in me that's why in my first term we worked together to place the affordable housing on the bottle we had a 1 and a half billion dollars for the residents over the next year's but i'll be the first to say it's only a start so today, i lay out an ambitious new challenge by completing thirty thousand new homelands by - homes by two two. i want to insure that 1/3rd of those will be per diem available
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to low income families. our retail and a service workers and teachers our home care workers and nurses. today, i'm announcing the 7 principles around which we must rally all our sources to make sure we build those thirty thousand homes. first, let's protect our resident from eviction and displacement we have some of the best yes. we have some of the best tenant protection but the real estate market threatens our committal and i've joined a diverse coalition of folks to reform the
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israel act we must stables at risk rental unit. it still allows protection for the resident to remain in our city third we musty vitality and rebuild our public housing. it's time to end the cycle of poverty housing. we know exactly what i'm talking about. in 2013 with new leadership at our hurdz and full support of the obama administration we can provide save housing. thank you city administrator and the housing authority commission (clapping) we're building on a plan in sf
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that will integrate mixture no objection community. we've started about hunter view. your problems in the making won't be resolved overnight but last year hud award our effort with 6 and a half million dollars and there's maintenance mechanics 24 of those position filed by residentism and next week i'll be traveling to washington for permission from hud to spend more dollars to revitalization our rebuilding of 4 thousand you housing units by two two. this will lower our down payment
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for housing. your middle class is suffering they make too much to quality for affordable housing but not enough for the new construction so we must explore new private-public partnership and launch thousands of new homes in reach of the middle class and new initiative for inclusionary housing and a land trust. and today, i'm announcing a needed captains to double the payment of the cities down payment program increasing assistance for the blow home boroughs they can help 2 thousand 5 hundred folks buy a
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home by 20/20 clb. first parlor we must built for affordable housing faster we're a leader now but we need to build more of it with fewer delays in december i signed a clue of order for project. if we continue those efforts we can add 4 thousand permanent rent e.r. rentals. we must continue to build especially re7b8 units that were even in san francisco the more option for housing our residents have the less difficult it becomes to find a home. in particular by building a neighborhood like this shedding
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nearby candle stick or visitation valley we expand those to mid income families and finally, we must make construction of new housing easier. you know, they to get tens of thousands of homes feast we need to stop blocking them. to supervisor weiner we need new ways to support infrastructure through the reinvestment of 49 district. well, some of you will look at this plan and say this will require us to do more i say exactly. ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to houser project we can't keep doing the same thing and we have to set aside the doildz and
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so next month i'll quote-unquote the developers and city departments and tenant advocates and realtors and prosperity owns. i'll are is having ask them to achieve the goals of rerehabbed homes by 20/205 and implement this plan. you know, ladies and gentlemen, i know we can do it because in the relatively short life of our city we've faced and overcome 2k5u7b9ing challenges i'm not talking about earthquake from the gold rush to the building of railroads through wars and lib
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ration movement the story of san francisco is one of rapid spurts of growth. it's a story of new industries and steroids that brought people more than most places santa fe san francisco has represented. over the time we grew west and south turning cemeteries and a sand dunes like the western edition and the sunset. today, we grow in places like the shipyard and the new transbay district or along our waterfront like pier 70. whether it was the irish who come to pan for 0 gold or the african-american who came to work in the shia


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